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What are the Main Functions of the Skin?

With a total surface of about 1,8 m2 and a total weight of about 11 kg, our skin is the largest human organ. The skin not just only gives us our appearance and shape, it also serves other important functions:


Our skin is a shield that protects us from:

  • mechanical impact such as pressure and stroke
  • thermic impact such as heat or cold
  • environmental impact such as chemicals, the sunīs UV-radiation and bacteria

The skin regulates our body temperature. The production of sweat, which evaporates on the skinīs surface, will cool us down.

The 5th Sense
Besides the senses of smell, taste, sight and hearing the sense of touch is one of our body's most important senses. Without it, we would not be able to feel the gentle touch of a dear person, the warmth of a hot cup of tea, or the wind blowing in our face. This sense is made possible by various cells and nerve endings in the skin, which send impulses to our central nervous system. Uni Heidelberg