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Behavior and Attitude

One of the major factors in the rising occurance of skin cancer in the last few decades is:

Beach Fashion History
Starting with the 20th century beach fashion and sun attitudes can be roughly devided into three periods:

1900 to 1920

A pale tan is very fashionable and swimming in public was not accepted. But passing along the time axis people would not go to the beach just to get their feet wet, by 1920 they would go to the beach to swim. They wore a one-piece swimsuit (both male and female), which covered arms and thighs and they protected their faces by wearing a hat.

1930 to 1970

Having a tan turns into a sign of wealth, health and beauty. This change of attitude, of course, had an impact on fashion: swimsuits got smaller and smaller. In the 1940s the two-piece swimsuit for women was invented. About 20 years later, a beach could not be imagined without the bikini, which exposed the belly button. A day on the beach meant getting as much tan as possible.

1980 to today

Having a tan is still a symbol of health and beauty, but due to rising incidences of skin cancer people became aware that UV radiation and our leisure/tanning habits account for the damage to our skin and health. So fashion styles are starting to change: beach wear has to protect you from UV radiation - wear a broad-brimmed hat, long- or short-sleeved light shirt, shorts, and sun glasses.

But still - even today - there is evidence that people are being persuaded by lifestyle magazines, advertising, and media that a tan is something attractive. They still use every ray of sun in their scarce leisure time to fry in the sun. It is so easy to change your behavior into sun-wise behavior. Just reschedule your leisure or sports activities away from midday hours to early morning or late afternoon hours. Or seek shade whenever possible, wear protective gear and use sunscreen.

Please, give yourself and your skin a chance to stay healthy. Do not only think of the here and now. Skin cancer will not develop over night. It is a slowly developing disease that may occur when you grow old and want to enjoy your retirement. Do not let skin cancer dictate your life! Uni Heidelberg