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Skin Cancer Risk Factors

  • Behavior and Attitude
    One of the main reasons for the increase in skin cancer among the general population is the changes in behavior and attitude in relation to sun exposure and lesiure time. You can change your behavior to reduce your risk of getting skin cancer and improve your health.

  • Genetic Factors
    Some inherited disorders can play a role in the development of the different forms of skin cancer.

  • Immune Status
    Your immune status plays an important role in your general health and in your body's ability to detect and destroy cancerous cells.

  • Precancerous Lesions
    One of the best things you can do to reduce your risk of getting skin cancer is to recognize precancerous lesions early and do something about of them. Know what precancerous lesions are, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them.

  • Skin Phototype
    One of the best ways to start being sun conscious is to know your skin phototype.

  • Sunburn
    Your history of sunburn as a child and adult plays an important role in calculating your risk of getting skin cancer.

  • Sunlight
    It is important to know what you are up against when it comes to skin cancer. We are not saying that the sun is the enemy, it is an important ally when it comes to good health.

  • Tanning Beds
    Some feel that tanning beds are a safe way to get a tan. Unfortunately this is not the case. Although there have been few studies on the use of tanning beds and their effects on the risk of getting skin cancer, it is very likely that they play a role as well.

  • Tanning Lotions
    Tanning lotions do not provide any form of protection against the dangers of UV light exposure. Though they may provide a tan without exposure to UV rays, they provide a false sense of security.

  • Vacation
    Modern forms of transportation and relaxed border crossing have made it very easy to take short trips to exotic locations.

  • Work
    Your risk of getting skin cancer is related to the kind of work you do (whether you are a lifeguard, a rancher, or you have a desk job) Uni Heidelberg