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Examine your skin regularly!

Like other forms of cancer, skin cancer can lead to death. If you have skin cancer your chances of survival and cure are much better if you recognize it early. One way to do this is to pay close attention to your skin and report any changes, bleeding or crusted lesions, and strange growths to your doctor or dermatologist.

To keep track of your moles and skin you should examine your whole body regularly. You can do it alone or even better with a partner since some parts of the body are hard to reach by yourself.

How to do a self exam
Use a mirror or ask your partner to assist you and start from top to bottom

Head and neck:

Take a comb (if necessary) and examine your scalp for suspicious lesions. Pay close attention to areas on your head that are considered to be sun terraces (forehead, nose, cheeks, top of ears, lips). Do not forget to check your neck and behind your ears with the help of a hand mirror or your partner.


For the back and other areas you can not see use a hand mirror or ask your partner to have a look. Skin cancer can also appear in areas not exposed to the sun (i.e. genitals and bottom).

Front and arms:

Then check the front of your body. Also examine the outside and inside of your arms. Do not forget your armpits.

Legs and feet:

Finally, examine the front and back of your legs, without forgetting your feet (soles as well). Uni Heidelberg