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Your Skin Phototype

Your risk of developing skin cancer among other factors highly depends on your skin type. In 1975, Fitzpatrick, a respected dermatologist created a standard for classifying individuals according to their skin color and burning and tanning responses to sun light exposure. Basically a low number means a higher risk. However, there are people with skin type 3 who develop skin cancer and even people with naturally dark skin can also develop skin cancer.

Skin Type Sunburn Tendency Tan Tendency Skin, Hair, and Eye Color
I I always get a sunburn. I never get a tan. white skin, freckles, blond or red hair, blue or green eyes
II I usually get a sunburn. I sometimes get a tan. white skin, blond hair, blue or green eyes
III I seldomly get a sunburn. I usually get a tan. white skin, usually dark hair, and brown eyes
IV-VI I never get a sunburn. I always get a dark tan. brown to dark skin/ brown or black hair/ brown eyes Uni Heidelberg