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Important facts about tanning beds

Tanning salons (solariums) are a very controversial topic when it comes to skin cancer. They are popular because they offer a tan all year round. The industry claims their beds give off a safe form of UV radiation (UVA) which results in a tan but avoids skin burning effects of UVB. Right now there are not very many good studies that determine the carcinogenic effect of tanning beds, however research studies do show that UVA radiation causes premature skin aging and wrinkling. UVA is also assumed to be jointly responsible for the development of sunburn and skin cancer.

Another problem with tanning salons is the fact that often the salon staff is not well trained in handling the tanning bed devices. Another important area that gets overlooked is regular maintenance and testing. Often customers are not aware of possible dangers and use tanning beds excessively. Our tip: better safe than sorry, stay away from them. Uni Heidelberg